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A Talk With Lois Gordon About Her Writing Life and Novel



I have been a professional interior designer since 1984, but I have been a closet writer forever. I still remember the gold stars and red ribbons I received for my Grade 1 essays. Who would have guessed that, some 50 years later, my work would still be getting recognition.

In 2006, I won honourable mention for having 2 essays - Character Flaw and Kissing Toads - finish in the top 10 in the Writing Fairy©Humour Writing Contest.

The following year I was thrilled to receive honorable mention in the Erma Bombeck Humour-Writing Competition (Human Interest category), with the essay dedicated to my father - Dandelions Don't Grow in November.

In 2008, Sex Drive won 1st place honours in The Writing Fairy©Sort-of-Annual Humour writing contest and Charter This placed 4th.

Heaven knows what I was so engrossed with in 2009 that I didn't submit anything, but in 2010 Antler Girls won 1st prize in Summit Studios' Travel & Outdoor Humour Contest. It is being published in an anthology - Never Trust a Smiling Bear - this fall, And Cat Calls has recently been published in Wicked Worlds - An anthology. In August, the Mariposa Literary Festival awarded third prize to Blue Jobs.

Spa Time appeared in Signatures - an anthology, published by the WCDR in 2002.

As a freelance writer, I have had dozens of feature articles published in lifestyle magazines and newspapers
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